I should first apologize for my lack of posting. I had assumed that once I was done working outside of the home, I would have more time for things like my garden and blog. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Previously we had a home that consisted of 2 adults, both working 40 hours or more outside of the home, and 2 dogs. I guess I didn’t realize what a wreck it was organizationally until I spent more time here. I have, slowly but surely, been getting This Urban Homestead back on track.

In garden news, the tomatoes and I are finally friends! I have been getting at least 3 tomatoes a day, and the cherry tomatoes that went in so late are finally turning! I tried one yesterday and it was still a bit tart, but just a few more days!

The yardlong beans gave me a few pounds, but have now started drying up. I am happy we have decided to tear up the entire left side of the back yard so that I can be done with containers as a whole. I think I could have gotten a few more harvests off of the plants had they been in the ground.

The peppers are turning, and we have had a few red so far. I am still waiting on the yellow and orange to show themselves. I also think that I did the eggplants in. They are now completely engulfed by the tomatoes in front of them. I am going to spend the winter, ugh that word, working on design for next spring. No more losing things because of poor placement on my part.

I see a few one ball squash forming out there, and the carrot tops are flourishing, but still no roots really to be seen when I thin. There is also new chard coming in nice and strong as well.

On the Beanery front, things are going very well. We got our new shipment of beans in, and the Clever Coffee Drippers are spectacular! It is time, however, to begin thinking about what to do when market season has come to an end.

I am now off to straighten out the dining room. Photos to come later today!


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