day 2 breakfast: roll with capocolla and homemade garlic scape pesto, home squeezed orange-pineapple juice back


day 2 lunch: homemade carbonara


day 3 brunch: chicken "snack wraps" with homemade BBQ sauce, local cheddar, and Old Husher's lettuce

day 3 dinner: pasta with homegrown basil, thyme, oregano, chicken, the last of the homegrown/homecanned old ivory egg tomatoes from last year

day 4 breakfast: Mr. T.U.H. muffin with a whole wheat muffin, local cheddar, local pastured eggs, and bacon

day 4 lunch: mini pizzas with local cheddar, homemade tomato sauce, and bacon on whole wheat muffins

day 4 dinner: chicken curry with udon noodles, carrots, peas, and homegrown cilantro

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