I must note, because I know I have forgotten every week prior, that you can find much more Harvest Monday excitement at Daphne’s Dandelions!

The harvests have slowed down, which is rather sad considering they never really ramped up. After some discussion, a cold frame is to be built so that early greens can be had next year. We will extend our growing season as much as possible. I did pull an onion yesterday for my eggs, and we have eaten a handful or so or snow peas while hanging out in the yard. I am patient, however, and can see peppers waiting to turn red, new sprouts of mesclun in the tray, and tomatoes forming on the vines. The eggplants are growing, although there is no sign of vegetable yet. The one Asian long bean I had from the spring sproutings had a blossom today. I might get one bean! The dozen or so of the same kind that I planted in the planter look lovely, and for certain will give many beans later. So there are good things happening, just not harvest-wise at the moment.

The other harvest happened about 15 minutes ago. Half an ounce of mint. There was one long branch sticking out into my path, so I cut it off, pulled the leaves, and set out to make some Mojitos. What else do you do with mint?



Mint Leaves


Lime Juice

Soda Water


Muddle tool type thing or a big wooden spoon with a flat little end


Get a pint glass and put 1 table spoon of sugar in the bottom. Add a handful of mint leaves, maybe 6 or 7 nice sized leaves, and 1-2 table spoons fresh lime juice (you can always add more lime juice later too).

Mint, fresh lime juice, and sugar before muddling.

Take the muddle, or the flat little end of the wooden spoon, and muddle. NOTE: This does not mean to destroy your mint leaves. You do not want to be sucking shredded mint through your straw. The point of muddling is to use the granules of sugar to bruise the mint leaves, releasing the mint oils into the lime juice. Press and rotate, don’t smash and shred!

Post muddle.

Add 1.5 oz of rum. I personally like Bacardi Limon for Mojitos. After you add your rum, fill your glass as full of ice as possible. Fill to the top with soda water. SHAKE!

The finished product.

We have a Penguin Soda Maker in our kitchen, so I just take cold filtered water from the pitcher in the fridge and make soda water as we need it. I like a lot of lime in my Mojitos, so I always add some more after I make mine. If you wanted to make a pitcher, you would multiply this by 4.


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