Why hello there. My name is Lisa Anne. I mention this, only because it is very possible you have all forgotten that I even exist, let alone what my name is. I apologize. Sometimes life has a way of running away with you, if you know what I mean. Don’t worry, however, because I still love you. I have missed our little chats, as well.

It has been very busy around the homestead. Remember when I was complaining about the green tomatoes and how they refused to turn for me? HA! I am now SWIMMING in tomatoes! I love it! Right now I am harvesting only from the 7 plants that I started from seed. There are the 2 Japanese Black Trifeles in the planters, and leaning on plastic lawn chairs for support. I believe I have adequately explained that huge mistake/lesson learned, so we will move on. There is 1 other tomato plant from seed growing in a planter, and also leaning into a plastic lawn chair, but I am still unsure of the type. It seems to ripen to a pinkish red when ready to pick. The texture is a bit mealy, but not grossly so, and the flavour is sweet. I have named it Molly.

The other 4 tomato plants from seed that I am harvesting from are in the ground. After quite a few storms, they have toppled a bit, yet are still producing beautiful fruit. There is one Old Ivory Egg plant. This plant produces creamy yellow/off white egg shaped/sized fruit. The flesh is crisp and smooth and the taste is sweet. I love these raw with a bit of sea salt. The other three plants are mysteries to me. I will say this, however, and it is the honest truth – today I ate a tomato from my garden and it was by far the best tomato I can remember eating ever. I don’t know what it was, or even which plant it came to me from, but it was so good I couldn’t even save a piece for Mr. T.U.H. It was perfect.

Let’s see some tomatoes:

So there you have tomatoes.

There are also peppers coming out of the back yard. Red bell, green bell, yellow bell, orange bell. Nothing came of the two chocolate bell pepper plants I put in. There are also jalapenos – lots of jalapenos. Today I picked over 3 lbs. Tomorrow I make poppers to freeze and roast the rest. I will can the roasted peppers in water in my NEW PRESSURE CANNER!

September 9th is my birthday and as an early present my parents and Mr. T.U.H. got me a fancy pants pressure canner. I can’t wait to try it out for the first time!

In other This Urban Homestead news, there has been a lot of cooking and preserving going on. Sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce, and more sauce – my life is sauce. Now that the pressure canner is here, however, there are new adventures in preserving to be had. This is exciting. There are vegetables I never even imagined I could save that I can now put in a crystal clear jar and place on my shelves. This reminds me, I need more shelves…

Looking for more harvest porn? Head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions and see people who remember to post more than I do :)

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