This might be the best week yet, and we haven’t gotten to tomatoes yet!

5 oz. Green Bell Pepper

A few oz. of Strawberries (most of which did not make it inside)

2.52 oz. Jalapeno Peppers

4 oz. Mint

4 oz. Basil

2 oz. Yardlong Beans

12 oz. Green Tomatoes (the container plants are all falling over and dropping fruit now, bah)

8 oz. Swiss Chard

1.5 lbs. Beet Greens

1 lb. Beets

1 oz. Pepperoncini (this is what I think the mystery pepper is)

Snow Peas for seed saving

There are still no blushing tomatoes out there. I am trying to be patient. The pot of Yardlong beans I planted last is growing like crazy. There have to be 50 beans growing out there right now! I have a lot of room open now, since i pulled all of the beets and the snow peas are coming out once the pods are fully dried. I am thinking of getting some more beets, peas, and maybe some mache in. It is so hot, though. I really should have another go at the broccoli and brussels sprouts, since the ones I have seem to be done for even though they never produced. Alas! Last year I couldn’t grow a beet to save my life, and this year I got a whole pound. More learning, more learning, more learning! I love it!

You can see other harvests over at Daphne’s Dandelion’s!

mint, basil, strawberries, a tiny Thai pepper, jalapenos

1 lb. of home grown Detroit Red beets

snow peas for planting next year

I forgot to take enough photos this week!

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