Firstly,  I have to say my tomatoes are killing me! There are so many nice green globes out there, but nothing even close to red or even pink. It got to the point where I just had to have some anyways, red or not. We ate fried green tomatoes twice this week. (recipe post to come soon)

So, this week we saw:

9 oz. of jalapeno peppers

I picked the peppers, not even close to a peck and they were not pickled, and Mr. T.U.H. asked about their readiness. I had done a bit of research and found that you can really pick jalapenos at any stage. As they mature on the plant, they begin to cork. Corking is what the brownish lines that form on the pepper are called. I had previously been calling them “pepper stretch marks”. As the pepper corks, the heat theoretically increases. If left to mature even more, the jalapeno will turn red. At this point the heat has increased a lot, but so has the sweetness. I wanted to double check these things, so I talked to Farmer Dan at the Gordon Square Market on Saturday.

Farmer Dan has beautiful produce. I noticed his jalapenos and decided he would be a good candidate for my jalapeno questions. I was correct. Farmer Dan told me that my information regarding jalapenos was correct. He then handed me a slice of a raw jalapeno to eat. I looked at him like he was from Mars. I trust Farmer Dan, however, so I cautiously put the slice of pepper in my mouth. It tasted like a jalapeno, but there was no heat! He told me that the name of the pepper escaped him, but it was a hybrid and he thought it started with a D. Anyone know the name of this curious little pepper?

We had visitors on Saturday, so I sent them away with all of my peppers. There are plenty more to come, and sharing is a lot of why I grow food. I was pleased.

5 oz. of Green Bell Peppers

Next year I need to plant peppers for green peppers. I planted all coloured peppers, but waiting for them to turn has proved a difficult task. We eat a lot of things that have peppers. I can’t go buy peppers when I have so many in the garden, even if they aren’t the right colour yet. Next year green gets added to the rainbow.

23 oz. of  Green Tomatoes

This was 4 tomatoes, I believe. They were breaded and fried and delicious.

Next year no tomato plants are going in containers. The 3 I have left in containers continue to fall over to the ground. I am going to have to create a fortress around each one, it seems. I would frog them to avoid the frustration, but I grew them from seed and 2 of them are the Japanese Black Trifeles I have been looking so forward to. Next year, no container tomatoes. Another lesson learned.

A handful of Strawberries

The slugs actually left some for us!

Lots of Lime Basil

I didn’t weigh it because I was too busy turning it into my new version of a Mojito.

The last jar of tomatoes from last season was used to make Huevos Rancheros.


green tomatoes

friend green tomatoes with homemade pesto

huevos rancheros

You can see more harvests over at Daphne’s Dandelions!

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