I am patient. I am patient. I am patient. This is what I say to myself every day. Soon, the garden payoff comes, right? (LOTS of photos after all the text)

Today I harvested:

12 oz. of onions. They were not growing any bigger, I have been watching, and I need the space for new crops. Next year I go back to onions in containers. Last year they did amazing that way.

8 oz of green peppers. I picked 2 peppers today. They are really supposed to ripen to red. I love red peppers. I am not too nuts about green peppers. I ate one of the ones I picked raw. I was not impressed. The walls were thin and not very meaty. The skin was not as crisp as I would like it to be, and it lacked a lot of flavour. I will let the rest ripen to red. These 2 were growing on the ground, however, and I wanted to get to them before the insects did.

2 oz of jalapeno peppers. I picked 3 peppers to test their heat. 1 has tiny brown stretch marks starting. I want to let some get red too, and test those.

1 oz. of snow peas. I picked a handful to eat raw. I have a bunch drying on the plants for seed for next year. I need to plant triple to quadruple the numbers of plants (6) I had this year for there to be enough peas to make things with.

2.33 oz of black beans. I picked a few pods too early and the beans were not black yet. I still have time to plant more, I believe, and I want to do that this week. There are still pods on the current plants, drying.

That is 1.6 lbs. harvested today.

The rest of the garden is looking amazing. Sadly I had to rip out 3 tomato plants today from the cupboard planters. All of the tomatoes were rotting from the blossom end from about 2 days after setting. I decided that variety, roma of some sort, is not a good candidate for containers, and I tore them out. I replanted those areas with carrots and spinach in one and squash in the other.

The Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes are looking amazing. All of the tomatoes in the ground that I grew from seed are well on their way to providing many tomatoes as well. The adopted plants in the 4X4 bed are doing quite well, it seems. I now have 7 tomato plants left from seed and 13 from the free plants – for a total of 20 plants.

The peppers are going insane! To date I have: 3 red pepper plants, 4 jalapeno plants (1 from seed), 2 chocolate pepper plants, 1 orange pepper plant, 6 golden pepper plants, and 1 Thai hot pepper plant. They all seem to be producing very well. It is now a waiting game for colour turning!

The eggplants seem to be growing nicely. I am hoping for some blooms in the near future.

I am not sure about the broccoli and brussels sprouts. They do not seem to be doing well either in containers or in the ground. I think the weather has been too hot, since very early, for them. I will let them go a bit longer, but soon they will have to come out if I don’t see production.

I planted some new swiss chard today as well. The mesclun tray pt. 2 seems to be growing nicely.

green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, ans snow pea pods

black beans harvest 1

black beans pre-shelling

lone tomato left in the 3rd cupboard planter. I put in 'one ball' yellow squash next to it, where the rotten romas were frogged.

yard long bean

soon to be red peppers


black beans on vine before picking


tomatoes (3 kinds) and peppers (2 kinds) in the 4X4 bed

Thai hot pepper, golden bell pepper, orange bell pepper, yard long bean

4 tomatoes from seed in ground

second mesclun tray

japanese black trifele

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