I am on an email list for my neighborhood. People post about events, crime, block clubs, house sales, and many other normal neighborhood discussions. Yesterday there was a very interesting email. A woman was given plants and had extra tomatoes and peppers. She said she put them on her front steps, and anyone who wanted them could come pick them up. Mr. T.U.H. hopped in the car and went to retrieve them. I figured there were a handful. I was wrong.

When I got home my entire front steps were covered in plants. There were 69 tomato plants, in 3 different varieties, 10 yellow bell pepper plants, and about 20 cauliflower plants! I was hoping to augment the 10 tomato and 8 pepper plants I already had. I now have enough tomatoes for a tomato farm!

I offered some to my Dad, who already has a dozen tomato plants, and he is going to adopt some of the tomatoes and peppers. A friend from around the corner loves cauliflower, so she is going to snag some of those, and tomatoes and peppers if she would like as well. I will find homes in the yard for the rest. They aren’t in the best shape, but if I bury their stems deep enough, since they will form new roots from the stems, I think they will work out just fine.

I think cages will be too expensive, and I am realizing they aren’t the most practical for the types of tomatoes I have. More learning! For the new plants, I am going to try the Florida Weave. We will see how it goes. My Dad stakes his plants. I don’t think he has ever used cages.

It was pouring this morning, but I will post a photo of the newly acquired plants soon.

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