There has been quite a lot of food preservation going on here at T.U.H. The freezer is jam packed with tomato sauce, ketchup, raspberry jam, diced peppers, and things I am sure I am forgetting. The pantry is over flowing with jars of tomatoes, stewed tomatoes with onions and celery, peach quarters, green beans, apple sauce, spiced apple sauce, jalapeno jelly, and apple butter. I even sold a jar of apple butter at market on Saturday!

We have been experimenting a lot with the bread machine. Right now I am working on making awesome baguettes. I let the machine make the dough, and then I shape it and bake it in the regular oven. The first one I did was using the recipe that came with the machine. It made a very nice French bread. It was very soft, however, like really good sub rolls. I wanted more of a skinny, crunchy on the outside and flakey on the inside baguette rather than a French bread. I found another recipe online. The photos of the bread looked amazing, so I thought it would be a good one to try. Mr. T.U.H. baked the first loaf. He made it round, not long and skinny, but it was delicious. The outside was nice and crispy, and the inside light and fluffy. I have a shaped loaf downstairs on the final rise. I tried to make it long and skinny, like a proper baguette, so we will soon see how it works out. I really like baguettes, good baguettes that is. I hope this one works out!

This is the beautiful post that gave me the current dough recipe. It is worth taking a look at the rest of the site as well. I plan on starting the mustard today. Kiss My Spatula

I also finished my tshirt rag rug!


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