day 1 breakfast: greek style yogurt with local honey and fresh strawberries.

The beginning:

At the start of May, 2011, we joined a herd-share. What this means is that we purchased a share of a herd of cows. Every month we pay a fee to cover a portion of housing, feeding, caring for, and milking of said cows. The cows live on a happy little farm about an hour and a half South of here, and are taken care of by a wonderful family. Every week I get milk or cream or butter or yogurt that is fresher than anything I have ever tasted before. This is where the ice cream making comes in.

With all of these fresh ingredients, ice cream seemed like the perfect thing to make. Making ice cream means first finding the perfect recipe. This, of course, means playing, I mean researching, on the internet. We wanted to make coffee ice cream, seeing as we roast our own coffee, but all of the recipes called for instant coffee; there was no way that was going to happen in this house. We finally found a recipe that looked delicious, and used real coffee. The recipe was found on a blog called Not Eating Out In New York. The ice cream recipe turned out as delicious as it sounded. (the only change I made was to use a pint of cream and 1 cup of whole milk instead of 1.5 and 1.5. I find this gives a richer, silkier ice cream.)

So what does all of this have to do with eating in? The blog’s writer wrote a book about the 2 years she spent not eating out in NYC. If she could do it for 2 years there, we could certainly do it here for 30 days. We have made a modification, however.

If we know how to make it ourselves we cannot buy it.

This means things like bread, soft cheese, ice cream, pasta, etc. Beer is not included in this list because we did not have the foresight to brew any before giving ourselves this challenge. We do have homemade wine, however, so there will be no wine buying.

day 1 lunch: hot capocolla, roast beef, local cheddar and mustard on homemade whole wheat bread; home-squeezed pineapple-orange juice, and left-over warm baby reds with butter, peas, and dill from the garden.

Eating in, 216 style began this morning. Mr T.U.H. made himself an egg and some toast with homemade bread. I had greek style yogurt (not homemade because it was already in the fridge, but I will make my own when this is done) with local honey and fresh strawberries. At some point during the month we will have 216 Restaurant Week, where we cook our versions of fancy dinners from such local eateries as Lola, Greenhouse Tavern, and Crop to name a few.

I hope you will follow along as we embark on this adventure. Who knows, maybe 30 days will turn into a year?

day 1 dinner: Grill This! Grilled corn, grilled green beans, grilled pork chop from Blackbird Farm

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