peas second harvest

Three more peapods today. They were a nice little snack. I estimate that the average peapod of mine weighs .06 oz. This means I have harvested .3 oz. of peapods (or 5 peapods). There are a lot more blossoms out there, however.

I think there are 2 volunteer tomato plants in the garden beds. I have heard that volunteer tomato plants usually carry disease from the past season. This being the case, I would most likely pull these guys out. The thing of it is, though, I have never planted tomatoes before. I think these 2 plants must have come from potting soil I tossed in the bed from my failed first atempt at seed starting. Any opinions? Pull them or leave them? Neither is near other tomatoes. One is near the chard and the other is back in with the beans and peas.

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